Female client is using S120 easy bike body sculpting device for her weight loss.

The S120 Vacu bike is ideal for:

  • Women with “pear”-shaped figures
  • Anyone struggling with fluid retention
  • Anyone struggling with cellulite, including severe cellulite
  • Fit people seeking more targeted results
  • Active recovery, eg. after a race or tough training
  • Busy people without time for the gym
  • Anyone who wants fat-loss results without intense exercise
Before and after body shaping real results weigh loss 8.2 kg in 8 weeks.

Faster and more convenient than the gym

When you’re trying to get into exercise, is boredom a barrier for you? You’re not alone if you find that the repetitive slog of spending hours in the gym just puts you off. On the Hypoxi S120, you can easily use a tablet to browse the internet, watch TV or even catch up on work while you sit and cycle.

The “S” in S120 Vacu bike stands for “sitting”, because you use it in a comfortable sitting position. A session on the Hypoxi S120 takes only 30 minutes, so you can get great body results without making a huge time commitment.

Happy relaxed client is using S120 easy bike body sculpting device for her weight loss while working on her laptop.

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Why does the S120 Vacu bike work? 

85% of women have pear-shaped bodies that tend to retain fat deposits in the lower-body area. If you have a pear figure, you may find that these lower-body fat deposits are especially difficult to budge even after hours of traditional exercise.

Through a breakthrough combination of vacuum therapy and low-impact exercise, your 30-minute sessions on the Hypoxi S120 target stubborn fat and cellulite in the area around your lower abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs. The therapy also helps to relieve fluid retention.

Our technicians use heart rate and temperature sensors to monitor your session in real-time, personalising the program to suit your unique physiological needs and goals. As you exercise, we’ll be there to keep you on track to achieve your body goals – and we’re happy to chat, too!

Man and woman body shapes - apple and pear graphic for weight loss targeting.

How does the S120 work?

The Hypoxi S120 works by applying gentle vacuum pressure on your legs while you cycle. The S120 Vacu bike uses a combination of negative and positive pressure to specifically target fat and cellulite in and around your stomach, hips, thighs, and rear.

When you sit on the Hypoxi S120 and gently pedal with your legs, the machine stimulates your blood supply to enhance your exercise in two phases. During the negative pressure phase, the vacuum pressure pushes your blood flow into the fatty tissue in your lower body, so your blood can soak up the fatty acids. Then, in the compression phase, the vacuum switches to positive pressure to accelerate the flow of your fat-enriched blood straight into your working muscles.

Your muscles naturally burn fatty acids as fuel for movement. Our advanced tech in the S120 Vacu bike augments that process by making sure that the fat is specifically coming from your problem zones. The S120 is perfect for you if you find that conventional exercise doesn’t budge the fat from your lower body.

Female client is getting in S120 easy bike body sculpting device for her weight loss being assisted with team member.

Who should use the S120? 

The S120 Vacu bike is the perfect weight-loss solution for busy working people. You can drop in during your lunch break, check your email or de-stress with some Netflix while you cycle, and get back to work without needing to work yourself down to a sweaty mess.

We also recommend the Hypoxi S120 for anyone who wants to get in shape – be it for a special event or just for the summer – but doesn’t like intense, high-impact cardio exercise.

Although the fitness barrier to entry for the S120 Vacu bike is very accessible, it is more popular with clients who already have some level of fitness. Maybe your normal exercise just isn’t hitting the areas you want it to, maybe you’re in active recovery from a race or a tough session, maybe you want specific help with cellulite or fluid retention. In any case, we’ll be here to help you hit your goals with a program on the Hypoxi S120.

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Happy client is using S120 easy bike body sculpting device for her weight loss.

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